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Warning: Dark Kink Ahead

Warning: Dark Kink Ahead


Dolly Plays Dress Up: An Outer Edge Erotic Box Story (Publishing Soon)

Dolly is the perfect doll.

The Toy Maker is the stuff of dark daydreams.

You can dress her up, pose her how you like, make her your own. Dolly loves being a beautiful object. In the Toy Maker, she has found the perfect partner. She does not talk. She does not move. She is his completely passive plaything. He has found the ultimate doll to play with. There are dark edges in this story as the Toy Maker enjoys Dolly in every way that pleases him.

You can find Dolly’s story at Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Dolly-Plays-Dress-Up-Outer-ebook/dp/B0782K288K

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