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Ever wanted to bone the babysitter?

Ever wanted to bone the babysitter?

Want to experience your deepest darkest fantasies? No problem, The Box Co. has you covered. All of Keven’s fantasies are clouded with memories of Mrs. Tayler. Now that he is a grown man, with a great job, and his own home, he is ready for a do over. A few emails and a substantial deposit into a foreign bank account and a version of his childhood longing is going to be delivered right to his door.

A sneak peek:
Mrs. Tayler looked at the windows along the back of the house. Checking for him he supposed. With a little kitten smirk and another sip of wine, she picked her book back up to a page with a dog-eared corner. She shifted a little, settling more deeply into the lounger. She set the glass of wine on the ground next to her. Her pretty lower lip was caught in her teeth. Her hand settled on her belly and then slid lower.

This Erotic Short Story can be found on Amazon.

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