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Let’s go back to camp!

Let’s go back to camp!

Genevieve had not been to Camp Innocence since she was a teen. She had been all braces, enthusiasm, and guilt back then. Every summer had been a gauntlet of hormonal temptation. Her chastity ring had just about burned her finger off. All of that wasted time, and all of those resisted kisses, bugged her. She had spent many days, wiggling under the running water of her childhood tub; contorting her body so the flow had hit just the right spot. She had laid there imagining what she would have done if she wasn’t a “good girl” or a “Church girl.” She had about had her own personal conversion when her parents had installed the flexible pulse shower head. The first time she turned to the Box Company, she was just trying to live out a fantasy. She had no idea how much she would like Doug. Or that the truth would come out that Doug had had a crush on her when they were young. This time, it is his fantasy, and she is going back to camp to see him again. She can’t wait.

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